Single Ruby Tips in SS High Pressure Shell

 Gatewood Single Ruby Tips in SS High Pressure Shell

Ruby orifice edge trimming nozzles are available in both a single stream and double 10-degree or Parallel stream. Gatewood has completed a comprehensive development program to perfect these nozzle designs and extensive testing has been done to insure a very effective and high quality product for our customers. The nozzles have stainless steel bodies and low friction precision ruby orifices. There is a rotating Teflon shield that extends over the outlet end of the nozzles that keeps any moisture or debris from interrupting the stream. The shield is cut at an angle and can be independently rotated to direct the moisture runoff drips to the waste side of the cut. Orifices are available in a large range of sizes: .010″, .015″, .020″, .025″, .030″, .035″, .040″, .050″ diameters. The double stream nozzle can be requested with two different size orifices.

ADAPTER for Gatewood Single Ruby Tips Part# M10MSS — 1/8 NPT FEMALE TO 10mm x .75 MALE STAINLESS STEEL ADAPTER Note: adapts all 1/8 NPT Gatewood nozzles to 10mm X 0.75 Female

Size Part #
.010″ R1045SS
.015″ R1545SS
.020″ R2045SS
.025″ R2545SS
.030″ R3045SS
.035″ R3545SS
.040″ R4045SS
.050″ R5045SS