CU316JB spray gun

This low pressure wash down spray gun is suitable for use up to 350PSI – 2.4 MPa rated pressure pumps. Shockproof gun with adjustable conical/pencil jet.

  • Inlet swivel connection included
  • Low pressure gun with conical/pencil jet controlled by trigger
  • Adjustable screw to vary cone width from 0 degrees to 60 degrees
  • Covered by semi – housings of non-stainable shockproof plastic entirely sealed and with 3 rubber rings
  • Plastic trigger protected by hand gaurd
  • Minimum fatigue for trigger opening and use
  • Internal structure in plated brass
  • Ergonomic construction
CU316JB Cu327JB
Pressure 350psi 350psi
Flow Rate 16.0 gpm 27.0 gpm
Temperature 195 degree F 195 degree F
Inlet 1/2” BSF (F) 1/2″ BSP (F)

CU316JB spray gun diagram

CU316JB spray gun diagram
CU316JB Spray gun