UHT UNO Paper Carrier Rope

UHT UNO Paper Carrier Rope is a braided coreless paper carrier rope made of thermally high resistant fibres. Thanks to the excellent properties of the input material, this rope is able to resist to temperatures up to 380 °C.

UHT UNO is intended to be used in extreme conditions of coaters and drying sections where the rope runs in the proximity of infrared radiators and the rope must resist to high temperatures, usually exceeding 200°C.

UHT UNO must be properly tensioned under operating conditions. Splicing is critical, and must be carried out according to instructions available in printed form and on video.

Technical Parameters

diameter (mm)
10 12
diameter (inch) 3/8″ 1/2″
weight (g/m)
32 60
breaking strength min (daN)
2800 3800
breaking strength (kg)
2854 3873
breaking strength (lbr)
6290 8536
material aramid fibre – Technora
construction hollow braided without core
impregnation basic
stabilization high thermo stabilization
metres /ft. per spool – size 1
100/328,1 100/328,1
metres /ft. per spool – size 2
600/1969 400/1312
spools per pallete – standard packaging
colours clear