Thread Adapters and Filter Screens

Thread adapters and filter screens are important accessories for your trim nozzles. We are continuously striving to provide the best technology in our designs. Our research and development is an on-going process. In addition, we provide a wide range of accessories to compliment your nozzles. If your trim nozzle application requires special accessories – contact us

Thread Adapters

Thread Adapters                       Thread Adapters

Part NumberDescription
M10FSS10mm * 0.75 Female to 1/8 Male Stainless Steel

Note : Adapts Gatewood Double Parallel Stream Ruby Nozzle to 1/8 NPT Male

M10MSS1/8 NPT Female to 10mm * 0.75 Male Stainless Steel

NOte : Adapts All Gatewood 1/8 NPT nozzles to 10,, * 0.75 Female

Filter Screen With Stainless Steel Bushing

Filter Screen SS drawing                           Filter Screen with SS

SizePart  Number
40 MeshSA64
50 MeshSA65
60 MeshSA66
100 MeshSA6100R
40 Mesh BSPTSA74
50 Mesh BSPTSA75
60 Mesh BSPTSA76
100 MEsh BSPTSA7100R

Filter Screen with Brass Bushing

Filter Screen Brass drawing                           Filter Screen with Brass Bushing

SizePart Number
40 MeshA64
50 MeshA65
60 MeshA66
100 MeshA6100R
40 Mesh BSPTA74
50 Mesh BSPTA75
60 Mesh BSPTA76
100 Mesh BSPTA7100R

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