Superline DUO Paper Carrier Rope

Superline DUO Paper Carrier Rope is a braided paper carrier rope with a core. It is made of multifilament polyamide fibre with special impregnation – super-coating.

Thanks to the special braided construction and to the special impregnation, no abrasive particles can get into the rope (e.g., starch). Extremely suitable for size press sections with sharp starch particles in the pulleys of the rope path and with increased moisture content. The DUO rope runs very smooth, without vibrating also under lower tension.

Superline DUO must be properly tensioned under operating conditions. Splicing is critical, and must be carried out according to instructions available in printed form and on video.

Technical Parameters

Type diameter 10
diameter 12
diameter 13
diameter 15
weight (g/m) 55,5 72,5 82,0 129,0
breaking strength (kg) 2200,0 3000,0 3600,0 4200,0
breaking strength (lbs) 5680,0 6620,0 7950,0 9370,0
construction hollow braided, with core
impregnation multicomponent intensive impregnation
stabilisation (UHT) (UHT) ultra-high thermo-stabilisation plus supercoating
metres/ft per spool – size 1 600/1968 400/1312 400/1312 200/984
metres/ft per spool – size 2 1525/5000 915/3000 915/3000 500/1640
colours standard colours – white, darkblue, violet