Self Cleaning Nozzles

Gatewood Self Cleaning Nozzles are designed to be able to be cleaned while still in service. Lowering the pipe pressure causes the orifice to open allowing it to purge. Once the pipe pressure is increased, the orifice closes again to make the proper spray pattern. Two styles are available, the LD version is designed for pipes with a machined flat. The PN version comes with a saddle for installation on pipes without a machined flat.

Dimensional Data

Nozzle Type Inlet Connection Length Hex
LD 1.125″ – 20UN 1.625″ 1.5″
PN 3/4″ – 20UNEF 1.40″ 1″

How To Order

Example : LD006SXMX

  • LD —> Nozzle Style ( LD = 1.125 NPT ; PN = 3/4 NPT)
  • 00 —> Spray Angle
  • 06 —> Capacity Size
  • SX —> Material (SX = 316SS only)
  • MX —> NOzzle type

Self Cleaning Nozzles