Hydraulic Atomizing Nozzles

Hydraulic atomizing nozzles use a core and orifice design to produce a hollow cone of very fine droplets using liquid pressure alone. The fine droplets are great for cooling, humidification or spraying on trim nozzles to prevent pulp build-up. The MJBMX features a one – piece design with fitted core. The LNJBMX, LNNJBMX, NJBMX and NNJBMX have a removable orifice tip and core for easy cleaning. Additionally, the LNJBMX and LNNJBMX feature an integral strainer screen.

Hydraulic Atomizing NozzlesHydraulic Atomizing Nozzles Hydraulic Atomizing Nozzles

Dimensional Data

Nozzle TypeInlet ConnectionLengthBody HexCap Hex

Example : 1/4MSJB26MX

  • 1/4 —> Inlet Connection (1/4″ = 1/4″ NPT)
  • M —> Nozzle Type( LN = FNPT, Integral Strainer, Removable tip and Core ; LNN = MNPT, Integral Strainer, Removable Tip and Core ; N = FNPT, Removable Tip and Core ; NN = MNPT, Removable Tip and Core ; M = MNPT, One – Piece)
  • S —> Material ( Blank = Brass; S = 303Ss ; SX = 316SS)
  • JB —> Nozzle Type
  • 26 —> Capacity Size
  • MX —> Nozzle Type

Hydraulic Atomizing Nozzles