Flush Mounted Shower Nozzles

Our BT and BN Style nozzles are used in shower pipes where low profile mounting is required. The BT Nozzle threads directly into the shower pipe for a flush mounting. The BN Style nozzle is held in place with a Retainer Cap.

Dimensional Data

Nozzle Type Thread Size Thickness 
BT5/8″ UNF1/8″
BN ( Thread-less)9/16″1/8″

How To Order

Example : BTSX6513MX

  • BT —> Nozzle Style (BT = 5/8 – 18 Thread ; BN = Threadless)
  • SX —> Material (SX = 316SS Only)
  • 65 —> Spray Angle
  • 13 —> Capacity Size
  • MX —> Nozzle Type
Flush Mounted Shower Nozzles