Extraline UNO Paper Carrier Rope

Extraline UNO Paper Carrier Rope is a braided coreless paper carrier rope made of multifilament polyamide fibres. Conventional construction of the rope is supported by the supercoating technology with multiple heat setting. In order to increase adherence to the paper web, the rope surface is equipped with a sheath made of polyamide monofilament.

The rope is intended to be used in extreme conditions of coaters where chemical agents prevent other rope types from adhering to the paper web properly.

Extraline UNO must be properly tensioned under operating conditions. Splicing is critical, and must be carried out according to instructions available in printed form and on video.

Technical Parameters

diameter [mm]
diameter [inch]11/32″3/8″1/2″
weight [g/m]
breaking strength [kg]
breaking strength [lbs]
constructionhollow braided, without core
impregnationdouble yarn protection
metres/ft. per spool -size 1400/1312600/1968
metres/ft. per spool -size 2915/30001525/5000
coloursyellow, red,  blue, violet