Disc Type Fan Nozzles

Disc Type Fan Nozzles are for use in brush-type showers where the internal brush is used to clean the nozzle orifice. Our standard shower nozzles will fit Spraying Systems and STAMM shower pipes while our “K” type fits KADANT material and are shipped with a sealing gasket.

Dimensional Data

Nozzle TypeAB

How to Order

Example : SHWRK4512SXMX

  • SHWR —> Nozzle Type
  • K —> Nozzle Type (Blank = SSCo/Stamm ; K = Kadant)
  • 45 —> Spray Angle
  • 12 —> Capacity Size
  • SX —> Material
  • MX —> Nozzle Type
Disc Type Fan Nozzle