Decker Blaster Nozzle

Our Decker Blaster Nozzle is perfect for use in disc filters/ save alls. The high impact fan is ideal for peeling the mat off rotating discs, and the integral full-port ball valve allows for fast and efficient cleaning of the nozzle to eliminate the problem of plugging. Turning the handle 90 degrees opens the orifice to allow flushing. A further 90 degree turn, cleans the orifice tip, turning the handle back to it’s original position, resets the nozzle – all while it remains in place.

 Dimensional Data

Inlet Connection A B C
3/8″ 2-31/32″ 4-5/32″ 1-9/32″

How To Order -3/8DBSXJB3520MX

  • 3/8 —> Inlet Connection( 3/8 ” NPT Only)
  • Db —> Nozzle Type
  • SX —> Material (SX = 316SS)
  • 35 —> Spray Angle ( 35 Degrees only)
  • 20 —> Capacity Size
  • MX —> Nozzle Type
Decker Blaster Nozzle