Adjusta Trim Squirt

Gatewood Adjusta Trim Squirt – Edge Trimming Machines

The Gatewood Adjusta Trim Squirt is manufactured using all machined components. These high tolerance parts, and a rugged Duff-Norton machine screw actuator, are hand assembled to our strict guidelines. Gatewood uses type 316 stainless steel and UHMW plastic so it can stand up to tough mill conditions. Each one is individually checked to ensure precision.

Features of the Gatewood Adjusta Trim Squirt :

  • – Precise horizontal adjustment through an 8-1/4″ range
  • – 1/2″ diameter squirt pipes accept 1/8″ NPT trim nozzles directly into the outlet end
  • – Easy filter screening access at the inlet end
  • – Squirt pipes fabricated to your specific requirements
  • – Rugged machine
  • – Easy to install and operate
  • – Maximum adjustability within a compact size